lördag, mars 08, 2008

A good map is easier to leave behind

The NonDual Spiritual Teachers tell you the same thing over and over again – The Truth is not to be found in the Mind. Period.
Ok, so that means my consciousness has to somehow transcend Mind. I’ve got that by now. But what I have found out is that it does matter what the conceptual Map in the Mind looks like. If we don’t have a good map it’s going to be much harder to transcend it. This insight has given me a new perspective on what the NonDual Spiritual Path is all about. Truth is not to be found in the map, in the concepts in your head. Truth with a capital T, meaning absolute truth, not relative truth with a small t, is not to be found within the domains of conceptual thinking. That is indeed clear to me by now. But if you don’t work hard on making the conceptual map better, you will have a hard time transcending it. You might get glimpses of a nonconceptual dimension but you will soon fall back into mind. Not by choice, but because NonDuality is so filled with paradoxes. I don’t think we can ever escape the paradoxes, we have to live with them, but the better map we have, the easier it is for us to transcend mind and dwell in nonconceptual awareness for longer and longer periods of time.

This is in short my personal twist on Integral Theory as laid out by Ken Wilber. This doesn’t mean Integral Theory is the only or the best conceptual map for the spiritual search, it’s the one that fits me.
It just struck me how obvious this have become to me. As I found the right heading for this post I came to think of a metaphor
- Let's say you are in a city for the first time and someone tells you to get rid of your map as soon as possible and start to look at the actual city, wouldn't you be able to do so much sooner if the map was clear and accurate. I mean, the whole point of the map is to get some kind of overwiev so that you can find your way home every night, so that you won't have to spend hours trying to find your way to the busstation...

There are so many spiritual teachers who tell you that the map is not the territory, and then leave you with no map at all, or a lousy map that is impossible to navigate by. Almost all of the teachers of NonDuality are guilty of this - giving you a lousy map. They give you many good pointers that give you glimpses of the NonDual, they deserve credit for that, but you can't use what they teach because you cant integrate it with the rest of your understanding. Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti do in my opinion offer better maps than the others, but I could not do without Ken Wilbers maps.

You already have a map created by you culture, upbringing and education, and in order to become free of that map, it has to be upgraded and integrated with all the NonDual pointers. Ken Wilber can help spiritual seekers with just that. I am so grateful I came across Integral Theory.

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