lördag, mars 01, 2008

Silent, listening, embracing, accepting

Something is back there, behind your mind, behind your senseperceptions, feelings, thoughts, actions, there is something back there, behind your mind that is watching you, listening, registering, silently, silently …
It’s absolutely still, the mind can never ever percieve it, never imagine what it’s like, but it is there, in the background, behind you, … The Buddha in you …. This something does never interfere, it allows everything, every stupid thought, every stupid action, it embraces it all. Silently. You can almost sense it, but never more than sense it. It is the subject behind your ego-identity. Your ego is just a silly object, dancing one of all these stupid, funny and sometimes beautiful dances that egos get involved in. This something, this nameless, formless silences embraces every move, allows every move. You could say that this background silence something is unconditional love, it never leaves you. It’s always there holding you in it’s embrace. Allowing everything, loving you, caressing you no matter what you do.
This mysterious something is something that your mind can sense. And the beautiful thing is that it can sense it in other people too. The next time you meet someone, look for this mysterious Buddha in him or her. It’s there in everybody and the thing is that the Buddha in you can connect with the Buddha in everone you meet. It can connect in silence, in unconditional love.

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