söndag, mars 02, 2008

Unconditional love is also Unconditional Freedom.

This nameless, formless something that I wrote about yesterday has many names in NonDual Spirituality. Sometimes it’s called the Groundless Ground, sometimes The Absolute. Other teachers/teachings call it The Unconditional. I think that is one of the best pointers for me, because it addresses the matter of care vs. carelessness. The Unconditional is sometimes said to embrace and love everything, no matter what. At first that sounds very sweet but when you think about it you start asking – what about cruel thoughts and actions? What about a cold, hard and closed heart? What about injustice? Does the unconditional embrace and love even these negative aspects of the manifest world??
Well, apparently it does… What a shock!
The Unconditional Love that sounds so sweet also has another aspect, and that is Unconditional Freedom. That’s an aspect of The Unconditional that the spiritual teacher Nukunu often speaks about. And Freedom is not sweet – it’s scary. That’s why people turn away from the Unconditional and hide in the Dream called “real life”. Real Life is a very safe place because there are all the same old problems, conflicts, struggles that we are used to, even comfortable with. We are so used to complain over what a terrible place this world is. What if we stopped getting frustrated and paralysed over all the injustices and cruelties that are going on all the time everywhere? That would mean something incomprehensibly strange, probably wrong ...
Freedom ought to be wrong because allowing, embracing and even loving that which is wrong means you don’t care … it has to mean that. It means that you have to love Hitler and Pol Pot and Stalin and Saddam Hussein. And if you care about other the world and other people you have to react against anything and anybody that’s wrong and take action to make it right.
Is it really so?
Not at all. We are free to do anything! We are even free to judge and punish and get revenge. Of course we are also free to take action and try to make things right. We are free to care and free not to care. That fact is that this Unconditional Freedom has nothing to do with either care nor carelessness. It’s a completely different dimension.
Okay, you might ask, what’s the point of entering a completely different dimension if we want to make this dimension better. Wouldn’t that be an attempt to escape.
No, not at all. It’s like saying that the linguistic dimension is unnecessary. Let’s try and solve problems the usual way, by using our fists. Why talk?
It’s the same with the Unconditional. Why meditate? Why become still inside and start to listening, really listening to the other person, not in order to find arguments and try be right, but in order to really understand and feel the other persons perspective. Listening, deeply, passionately, silently … That is a portal to the Unconditional Dimension and most probably, as an offspring of that, a better world.

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