onsdag, mars 05, 2008

What a Team! Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle.

This is so amazing! One of my favourites among contemporary spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle, is suddenlyl able to reach an incredible amount of people with his teaching, thanks to Oprah. Read about the biggest ever online event that took place 3/3 -08. Over 500 million people logged in to participate in what they call an online class. I am really thrilled by this. I mean, Tolles first book, The Power of Now, reached the bestseller lists thanks to Oprah, but this thing is bigger. I am so happy, not that the person Eckhart Tolle, gets so much public attention, but that his teaching now has a real chance to make a difference. I have read Tolles books and listened to countless CD:s - I love Tolles approach, his humour and clarity, but Oprah added a new energy to the teaching that was, in lack of a better word, awesome...

You can download the first of ten classes for free on Oprahs homepage. This is so great I have to rub my eys to make certain I am not dreaming this up.

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