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Die to Live - The Eternal Wisdom of the Mystics

Surrender the future!
That is all you need to know in order to awaken. From that follows everything else. The need to label your experience falls away - if there is no future there is no need to know what things mean, if they will lead to pain or pleasure. The need to conquer entropy in the mind by finding the right goal to concentrate on falls away without future. Every experience becomes filled with a quality that is unknown in a mind operating in time, it gets filled Wonder, Sacredness, Wholiness.
More specifically it is the need for the future moment/moments that is to be surrendered, or sacrificed. Yeah, SACRIFICE THE NEED FOR MORE FUTURE (or sacrifice the need for more - period) if you sacrifice the need for more future every other need follows and dies.

Pragmatically - it is a mental suicide. It does not mean that you stop making plans or having goals and dreams. You can have them and act on them, but it becomes an acting like in a play. You see that it is a play and you see that we are all actors acting out a script. The big question in coaching - whether we write our script the way we want or act out scripts written for us- IS NO LONGER THAT IMPORTANT - which means we can start taking control if we like. But in a theater play, everybody doesnt write their own script. There is a play writer, a director and so fort, why schould everybody act screenplayers and directors??

Its much more crucial to see that it is a play, and why it is a play. It is a play since its all driven by the future which in itself is completely imaginary - unreal. Waking up to reality is waking up to the Now.

Ask yourself - can i die now. And if you were to die now, lets say you have 30 seconds, how would you experience your last 30 seconds. I find it gets sacred. Its a complete relaxation, a complete opening.

When there is no future pain becomes sacred.

Die to live

As long as you believe in the future you cant surrender
"No Future" is the hallmark of sacredness / holiness.
The Now, including but trancending past and future is a completely different dimension of reality. It is reality with a capital R. The time dimension is fictional and dreamlike.
The Now is Sacred.

Three Awakenings

First Awakening
To rewrite the Egoic Script
For a lot of people the first awakening is to see that they act from a script written by their parents, teachers, the media and the culture as a whole. Hence the first epiphany is to ask, what if the script could be rewritten by ME, ME ME ME. Its the egoic awakening. The enlightenment of the ego.
Anthony Robbins would say that whithout this first, egoic awakening, people can never start to contribute beyond themselves. Maybe he is right. Contribution and care, increasing care has to be written into my egoic script as a first step. The same with gratitude, if you dont excercise gratitude you cant have the abundance you need in order to contribute. You must have something to share.

The second Awakening
To rewrite the Global Script
Then comes the second awakening, to see that WE as a family, community, planet are acting from a script - take for example Consumerism, so that you see how all of our individual dreams and hopes in fact are programmed in to us, we think that its MY dream to earn a million dollars and spend them on beautiful things when we in fact are doing exactly what the capitalistic system lead by the global corporations wants us to do.

That is the second awakening and its includes and transcends the ego.
Question is if we can skip the first awakening and go directly to a ''global'' awakening. We have to let go of our egos in order to move on towards the global awakening. If the ego is too messed up its very hard to let go. But we must not get stuck in the endless "fixing-the-ego-trap". We must be willing to ask new questions in order to open up to new perspectives that we need to experience. Without new perspectives we will never heal / fix our egos.

The third awakening
Leaving the stage to walk out in the Real World
Why going on with the play when we can leave the theater? Being able to leave the Theater is ultimate freedom. That is ascending towards the formless.
But you can also choose to join the play, that is compassion, that is descending into form.
Why would you choose compassion, the way of the Boddhisattvas? Dont everybody deserve this freedom, ascending freedom and descending compassion, eros and agape.??

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