fredag, maj 09, 2008

Contribution by doing nothing

How can i contribute in this situation to make the world, right here, right now, a little better? That is a good question to ask oneself. If you compare it to other questions that people commonly ask themselves throughout their every day life - like - what's wrong with this situation, or why is everything so problematic?
I have been thinking that a requirement for being able to contribute is that we experience som kind of abundance. We must have something to give. And that something, is of course an interpretation, it's the result of asking the right questions. Here we are with the magic of asking the right questions that Anthony Robbins so often speak about. Questions that can make us experience abundance are for example - what can I be grateful for right now?
And when we explore into that question we see that there are actually no limits to the things we can be grateful for. The beauty around us is simply overwhelming. Especially at this time of the year in sweden. Every little leaf of grass is a true miracle, a pure and radiant form and expression of this mysterious life that shines through this whole manifestation.
And then, when we experience this abundance, this gratitude, then we are ready to contribute. That's how I've been thinking.
But I have found a new way of looking at this gratitude - contributions process. I had this little epiphany this morning.
What if our being, our form, our thoughts and feelings are the greatest contribution there is to the kosmos, to the totality of life? Suddenly it struck me how insignificant any actions of contribution are compared to what we ALREADY contribute with. We contribute by being this miracle, this dance of billions of cells that make us breath. Every breath is a miracle. And what can be a better contribution, a better gift to the world, than a miracle??
Doing nothing but experiencing this kind of aw, this kind of gratitude, is in fact much more than we think. Influenced by all the new-age-talk about energies of dirrent kinds floating around I would say that feeling gratitude sends out the most beautiful energies we can imagine. Just sitting in a room together with other people and feeling grateful for being alive can, if the energies we emanate were visible and had coulours and sounds, offer the other people in the room the most fantastic show you can imagine. That could be a good excersice to imagine the energies we send out to have coulours and sounds.

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