fredag, maj 02, 2008

How to make Meditation sound very attractive

To sit in a meditation posture, focusing on the breath, bringing awareness back to the breath over and over again, WHY? It’s all about surrender in it’s most simple form, simple and profound. It’s like dying to the world of form, dying to Time. A word often used is “letting go”. I think die is a better word. Death is probably the final and ultimate letting go. But meditation on the breath comes pretty close. You die to everything except the breath. You have to keep up some connection to the world of form, to Time, to samsara, and the breath is the last connection.
If you give up the breath, you die completely, when you meditate, you almost die.

Meditation is a 99% death.

Doesn’t that sound like an advertisement for meditation. Don’t you think that would attract many people to a weekend seminar, - come and die a 99% death. – hmm, sound fun but I think I'll have to think it over …
Adyshanti says in a Satsang that meditation is like trying out our coffins.
All this sounds very grim and morbid, but there is no way that spirituality can avoid death. Spirituality is all about dying. – but not the way we would imagine, it’s about the old saying - DIE TO LIVE
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