lördag, maj 31, 2008

The Past Do Exist - Seen from the Rim-perspective, not from the Hub-perspective

I listened to Oprah and Tolle talking at XM-radio this morning and this time focus was moved from A New Earth to The Power of Now. Oprah said that when Tolle talks about the fact that there is only this present moment, past and future only exists as thoughts in our heads, well, that sound profound and true, but most people when they come to think about this for themselves, it doesn't seem to be that true any more. Most people, including myself of course start to have doubts wheter Tolle really now what he is talkning about. I mean, the past DO exist. There are proofs. There are photos, films, objects, things we have created, messed up. The evidenceses for our past are there, lining up and telling us that Mr. Tolle might not know what he is talkning about.
This has really been a problem for me in dealing with and trying to apply Tolles Teaching in my life and I'm so happy Oprah brought up this question. - The past Do Exist, doesn't it, she asked. Tolles answer was,
- Only on the surface level.
And then I remembered a great methapore for Time I read in a book called "Book of Mirdad". I remember it vaguely and will look it up in order to go deeper into it, but it was about a Wheel. The Hub was absolute reality, and in the Hup, at the center, Time does not exist. Nothing moves. At the Rim, that is to say, at the surface level of our lives, Time do exist and it moves very fast indeed. Something like that.
And that gave me an Idea for my talk about TimeHealth. To create the whole theory around this Wheel-metaphore. I mean, the importance of becoming centered inside is known to everybody, it's the basis of all Sports Psychology.

Become centered - and Time and all the resulting problems with Stress will not be a problem any more since Time doesn't exist at our center, in our own depth. Time does only exist on the surface, on the Rim of our Life.
To say that Time both exist and doesn't exist depending on what perspective you have, The Rim or the Hub, could be partly true. But it's not true to say that the perspectives are of equal value. They are not.

The Rim perspective are of much less value than the Hub-perspective.
We could as well use the Clock itself as a metaphore for Time. Depending on where you are on the Hands of the clock, or on what hand, the hour-hand, minute-hand or second-hand, you experience of how fast time is moving will differ. But the biggest difference in time depend on how far from the center of the hands you are. When you go right into the center of the hands time will stop and you will be transported into eternity.

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