fredag, maj 30, 2008

Peace is a thought away - says Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor says in an interwiew with Oprah that:

Peace is a thought away.

I love that. I'll pick that as one of my mottos.

But how do we get to this inner peace? Jills answer is that it's actually very simple. She says that we have the ability to direct our attention and we can choose what thoughts we are going to give our attention. How do we know what thoughts to focus on? It's easy, if we feel peace in our bodies, it's a good thought, if not, we can drop that thought and choose a better one.

Most importantly Jill says that we have to remind ourselves that we are not our thoughts. She gives a scientists answer of what thoughts actually are, it's certain neuronal circuits in a small part of the brain - the size of a peanut - and her own experience shows that we can live without that "peanut". We can't function very well in our society but we can live AND be aware. Our attention will still be there but it will be on other things than thougts. In Jills case the attention is on the feeling of life and energy in the body and what an unfathomable miracle this body is, these 50 trillion of cells working together in order for us to have the human experience. We are a miracle and we can be aware of that without this little part of the brain that accounts for language.
We are not our thoughts. We can witness our thoughts, our "brainchatter" and it for what it is, JUST thoughts, and then we can choose what thoughts we will put our attention on. Exactly the same message as Eckhart Tolle but in another language. Seen from a brainscientists perspective.

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