tisdag, maj 13, 2008

Why we fall back asleep and why awakening to the Timeless is no big deal

Awakening to the Timeless Now, the NonDual or whatever spiritual label you want to put on it, is in fact no big deal. Everybody have touched the Timeless dimension many times throughout their lives.
It becomes a big deal when we fall into the trap, pointed out by Ken Wilber, to confuse this certain State of consciousness with stages/structures of consciousness. What is meant by that?? To be in the Timeless dimension is to be in a specific State of Conciousness. To interpret it, to ask what it means is to operate in a certain structure of consciousness.
Structures of consciousness is part of a evolutionary process that takes place in time. The Timeless state of consciousness is outside time and evolution.
Here is where everything goes wrong. Exactly here in this confusion of states and structures.
The thing is that we could all be enlightened mystics were it not for the lack of appropriate interpretations of what the mystical /timeless state means. What we have to realize is that since people can be at many different stages/structures of consciousness there has to be many different interpretations available in a culture.
If an individual can't interpret a mystical experience it becomes nothing but a glimpse with no imact on the life of the individual or the society. If I can't evaluate what being in the timeless means, (it could potentially be dangerous) i've better slip back into time and forget all about my glimpse of the eternal.
The point here is that you can't impose your own interpretation of the timeless on somebody else unless he/she is operating in a very similar structure of consciousness.

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