måndag, september 29, 2008

The Questioning of the Ownership-thought - done by NO ONE

Q: A feeling arises - a slight resistance to go to work tomorrow – I would rather spend the day with a friend. I didn’t choose the feeling of resistance, I didn’t produce it, it just appeared in awareness. And shortly after this feeling arose, a thought arises, the thought of OWNERSHIP. It’s my feeling. Why do I so seldom question this thought? It’s absurd, why do I even want to own a feeling that is not pleasant?

A: Feelings arise in awareness as a form of awareness itself. Like a wave on the ocean. And one of these waves is the separate-me-thought. Another wave is the resistance-to-work-feeling. A third thought is the it’s-MY-feeling-thought. Three waves on the ocean. That is the way to see this phenomenon of ownership.

Q: ok, but why does the separate-me-thought connect to something unpleasant? There are plenty of pleasant thoughts and feelings.

A: The question you just asked easily gives birth to a fourth wave on the ocean – the I-can-choose-another-feeling-thought. Now we have four waves on the ocean. Three waves help the fourth – the separate-me-thought – to appear more real, more solid. Without this illusion of realness the whole thing wouldn’t be so much fun. It would be more like daydreaming and knowing that you daydream. We want the “real” thing, not the dream!

Q: But the separate-me-thought isn’t real. I think I will do that as a practice tomorrow. Every time a thought arises that implies OWNERSHIP I will say – Stop! – and see that I didn’t choose it.

A: If you do that you will perpetuate the illusion of a separate me. The thought – I-see-that-I-don’t-choose-my-next-thought is an epiphany, and now the separate self wants to own that epiphany. It’s the same thing. No better. No worse. Nobody owns the truth, there is NO ONE who can realize the truth. That would be more of the same lie.

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