söndag, september 28, 2008

Reality check

Q: To stay in the fire of truth is to stay in the loneliest place in the world, until the fire burns away the belief in a separate person. But that only takes a second or two. When that belief is gone there is NO ONE there to be lonely. But as soon as you take one step back, out of the fire, just to cool down for a minute or two, you start to believe you are a separate self. This belief in a separate self is very persistent.
A: Yes, we love the dream of separateness. But you have found an easy way to check if you are awake. If there is a short but intense experience of loneliness followed by the direct knowing that there is NO ONE there to know or experience anything – then you are awake. But you are not awake AS A SEPARATE person, you are awake as awakeness itself.
Q: But when I know that I am dreaming, how can I enter back into awakeness? Is there a technique?
A: Forget all techniques. As long as you believe that there is SOME ONE who can apply a technique, you are dreaming. But I think a miracle happens every time you recognize the fact that you are dreaming. But remember, there is NO ONE who wakes up from the dreamstate, it’s awakeness itself who enters. And when awakeness enters, you as a separate person disappears. There is no room for both of you. You can’t put the truth on top of a lie – the lie will automatically vanish like a shadow in the light of the truth.
Q: Is the recognition of being back in the dreamstate the same as waking up? It feels like I can be half asleep, half awake. Is that possible?
A: Yes, there is a limbo between awake and asleep and that is a place you are very familiar with.
Q: Is it? What do you mean.
A: It’s when the separate self want’s to experience truth. The separate self knows there is no way out of separateness without being killed, the separate self knows that waking up means dying, but it can put a lot of time and effort into trying to find a way to slip out of it’s prison. That’s what you have been doing for the last couple of years. Your separate self figured that if it could just find the right map and understand what being awake means – FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A SEPARATE SELF – it could escape the dreamstate.
Q: Oh, that makes sense. I have never thought about it that way.
A: Being half asleep – half awake is the limbo where most seekers of nondual truth reside. You were in good company. It’s a nice place to rest in. It’s the place where waking up becomes a very interesting and entertaining project. You could say it’s the separate self on death row doing anything possible to avoid thinking about the unavoidable.
Q: Okay, you say I should forget all techniques. But what about finding out about how my next thought is chosen?
A: I would call that a reality check and that is very destructive to the illusion of a separate self. If you stay with that question during the day, you will stay awake.

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  1. Great...

    Låt allt detta Q/A bli vad det blir, utan ditt engagemang i det.
    Vägen till Stillhet är INGEN ANSTRÄNGNING. Ingen resistans. Ingen jävla rymdraket som brakar iväg!!

    Försök inte stoppa Q/A! Låt det bli vad det blir utan att lyssna på det. Utan att ge det mera näring. Gör en meditation av det.

  2. ... jaa, så är det nog. Men jag behövde min rymdraket... typ.... :-)