måndag, oktober 13, 2008

Affirmations for the dream character - nr. 1

Affirmation 1

1. I am a dream character in a dream.
2. Therefore I can not have any real problems
3. Therefore there can be no real problems in the world

This might look like an escapist thing but it's not. You will notice that you (the dream character in you dream) will fight like crazy to avoid the real meaning of this first affirmation. We often think that we want to get rid of our problems but we don't. We invent them, we seek them out, we do everything in order to get a new and bigger problem. Why? Because we need problems to maintain the belief that we are real. Somewhere deep inside we always suspect that we are nothing but a dream character, an impostor, a fake. And trying to solve our problems are one of the best ways to hide from that suspicion. Dream characters don't have real problems. They have to invent problems. The same way they have to invent themselves. The human brain is very inventive. 

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