onsdag, oktober 15, 2008

The art of Meditation


is the art of living WITHOUT HOPE

which is the art of

Dare you live without hope? That's the question. Most people say it's the other way round. They say it takes courage to hope. They say that if you are afraid of getting hurt or disappointed, you dare not hope for anything good to happen. These people are blind. If you dare to look at the world with an open heart you will be overwhelmed by gratitude and the mere concept of hope will dissolve.

Let's not start with the gratitude part. Everybody wants the gratitude-part and “No One” wants the “without hope-part”. That's the challenge here, for me as a writer and for you as a reader. We are greedy and stupid and think we can keep hoping for something better and simultaneously experience true gratitude. 

“I hope I will learn to become more grateful”. Forget it! It's doesn't work that way. Gratitude comes in when hope gets out. But hope doesn't walk out just like that only because you happen to understand how these things work. Hope will fight back. And it will find support everywhere. Our whole culture is imbued by this misconception. Almost everyone will tell you that you must cling to your hope for a better future. This misconception is programmed deep down in the roots of the human psyche. You will have to fight. It might look like a simple deal. You give up some hope and gain some gratitude. But it's more like – you kill some hope and gain some gratitude. And killing is never easy. 

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  1. Yes, well, once again: To stop relying on external feedback, it might be helpful to see where this society, these other people (and all their well-meaning advice, including this), this human brain, psyche and all those silly ideas actually appear, and to whom. But you already know this. :-)

  2. good question! Thank you! I think the correct answer is that silly dreams appears to silly dream characters :-)... like the one called Björn ... or No Thing appears to No One.
    But the dream characters actual experience of all this is one of bleeding and slowly dying on the battlefield of lies.

  3. To me it is not so much a question of hope but acceptance. with acceptance comes gratitude (but I can still have hope for a better tomorrow).

  4. Telluselle!
    I agree, acceptance gives rise to some degree of gratitude. And yes, the habit of hoping for a better tomorrow will always be part of the dream character. For me the key is to see that hope is just another dream - as unreal as the dream character.

  5. It's just different layers; some get caught in the first one; some see more. Nevertheless it is just energyvibrations...

  6. Telluselle!
    Just energyvibration...., yeah, I can't argue with that ... :-) ... but they can be pretty powerful these vibrations. Or at least so we think. Maybe they really are JUST energyvibrations. INTERRESTING!!