onsdag, oktober 22, 2008

Can two solipsists both be right?

The whole universe is contained inside my brain. Who knows that? A phenomenon called self that is also contained inside my brain. What is outside my brain? All the things I don't know about? What are those things? A concept? A concept called “all the things I don't know about” and that concept is also contained inside my brain. My brain is as big as the Universe.

Is this solipsism?

Well, at least these thoughts make me feel kind of lonely....

Are there other brains that exist outside my brain?

No, they all exist inside my brain – as chemical acitivity – as ions crossing the walls of neurons – as electricity – as electromagnetic fields – as vibrations ... ALL INSIDE MY BRAIN. Does that mean I have the biggest brain? :-) Yeah, sure. I have the biggest brain of them all.

So far, so good.

Let's say a solipsist like me meets another solipsist. And she claims that my brain is nothing but a electromagnetic field contained inside her brain. Who is right?

If she is everything – does that mean I am nothing? Well, that would be the logic conclusion, wouldn't it?

And I think that is how it is. We are nothing and everything simultaneously. And what is it that can be nothing and everything? It's obvious for everyone who have stuck their nose into some of the eastern mystic traditions – EMPTINESS. Another word for emptiness is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Everything is empty and simultaneously, this emptiness takes all these forms. Different forms, same thing.

Hahaha – isn't that a great comprehensive, mystical spiritual teaching. Four fucking words says it all – DIFFERENT FORMS – SAME THING

In a comment on this blog someone suggested that I questioned the belief that I have a brain. How can I know that I have a brain? Because someone told me? How can I know that person isn't lying? How can I know I am not dreaming having that conversation? How can I know the brain scientist isn't a hallucination? Have I seen my own brain directly? Of course not.

Have I seen the eyes that sees things directly? No, only through a mirror. How can I know that the mirror doesn't manipulate the reflection? Of course I can't be sure. I don't pretend I could ever win an argument with Douglas Harding and the followers of the Headless school. And if I would win such an argument, against all odds, how can I know that is not a dream? This is the nature of verbal spirituality. You can't win and you can't loose. Can you?

You can transcend verbal spirituality all together. That's what you can do. Or can you really do even that? Isn't that another stupid attempt to announce yourself a winner. I am the winner because a say so. I am above all you guys. I play in a different league you see. The non verbal league. Hahahaha

This is how I see it ..... okt 22 -08 at 7,26 am. The self is something that the brain has to produce. If the parts of the brain that produces the self is put out of service by a stroke or in some neuro scientists laboratory, THE SELF DOES NOT EXIST. Isn't that a cool thing to think about .... I love it! I love that we can live without a self. Jill Bolte Taylor, the Brain scientists who had a stroke that put out her sense of separateness, tells us about how it is – she and many others with similar experiences. Jill says it's NIRVANA. The world doesn't cease to exist when the self disappears! Not at all. And the great thing is that this no longer has to be just another philosophical assertion – like solipsism.

I read an interesting article yesterday about enlightenment and modern neuroscience http://www.shaktitechnology.com/enlightenment.htm

The author asks some really interesting questions about what this enlightenment thing is really all about. We often think that it has to be about getting TOWARDS something. Achieving something. But what if it's not. What if it's simply about getting rid of the feeling of being a separate being. Feeling like a separate person is like having a small stone in your shoe. A small stone that you can't get rid of. It's always there, it doesn't hurt, it's not a torture, but it makes you unable to be fully in life, fully happy and joyful and FREE. If it's this simple, then we don't need all this metaphysical and philosophical bullshit that only complicate things. We already know enough about how the brain manages to produce this uncomfortable sense of separateness to see exactly what we need to do. We can see that the easterners were right about meditation as THE WAY to enlightenment. It's about not going to the places in the brain that supports the sense of separateness. We all know these technologies – mindfulness, using breath as an anchor for awareness, breathing properly, jumping off the “thought train” as soon as we notice we are on it ... on so on.

What if awakening is taken out of it's metaphysical and philosophical context and put on a different map – a map of the human brain?

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  1. Jill is great and all, and I have probably already fucked enough with your sense of reality, and am still basically doing this to "get it out of my system", but from my perspective (which you are free(?) to ignore), I would say that "Jed McKenna" is certainly not about avoiding certain pathways in the brain and thereby excluding part of what it means to be human. Also, if you feel that the scientific paradigm provides more satisfying maps (which are still not the territory), you should pay a visit to this guy:


    I suggest reading his essay on The Omega Singularity. Granted, he is somewhat of a crackpot, but aren't we all? ;-)

  2. "The whole universe is contained inside my brain."

    I'd say the universe is the brain rather than being contained by it.

  3. anonym!
    In this article, the one about shakti technology and Buddhas enlightenment, we can actually see a neurological hypothesis of how spiritual autolysis may works. A hypothesis that makes a lot of sense. When you put a certain amount of pressure on the right amygdala (neg. emotions) there will be a synaptic dropout - the right amygdala "burns out", becomes shut off and all the activity is shunted to the left amygdala(pos. emotions) Extreme negativity helps make this shift in consciousnes. This might be the neurological aspect of dark night of the soul. Buddha is said to have had it, with Mara and all the demons, same with Jesus in the desert and the same thing is seen in other famous awakenings like Eckhart Tolles. His suicidal state the night before his big awakening. Same thing with Byron Katie. etc.
    You can burn out negativity to make this shift, and that is true on a physiological as well as an psychological level.
    Just a hypothesis.
    This Omega Singularity thing ... I don't know ... not my cup of tea.

  4. Nu lägger jag ned engelskan. Björn, detta kan mycket väl stämma (min egen historia bekräftar väl i viss mån detta), särskilt om det vi vill är att bli av med negativitet och separation, men för mig handlade det egentligen aldrig om det. Snarare var spiritual autolysis för mig en process av fullständig differentiering, att äntligen våga stå totalt ensam, utan att luta mig mot någon eller något, och själv direkt se efter vad som faktiskt är sant.

  5. Anton!
    You are right, doesn't make sense that anything should be outside the Universe....

  6. anonym!
    Tänkte skriva att jag skulle vilja höra mer om din "historia". Men friheten som lyser igenom raderna i det du skriver är förstås mer värd, guld värd. Det är så lätt att bli skrämd av Jed. jag har backat ur flera gånger förr. Tillbaka in i det fängelse som heter "Björn" och hans förbannade jävla historia. Nej, burn it all! Spiritual Autolysis är en bra sådan struktur som förhindrar mig från att bränna ner halva stan. Utan dina kommentarer hade jag backat ur detta för länge sedan.
    För mig räcker det att veta att du gått igenom detta. Alla historier är olika men ändå är det samma historia - mänsklighetens förbannade jävla historia.