fredag, oktober 17, 2008

Captain Ahab - the greatest spiritual teacher ever?

This video sucks, honestly, it's childish and rebellious in an immature way. But what if this is the energy that is required if you want to wake up OUT OF the dream character OUT OF DREAM??

The person who made this video must have read Spiritual incorrect enlightenment by Jed McKenna. Jed provides a unique and interesting analysis of the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville. He tries to explain how Captain Ahab represents what he calls the "break out archetype". It has something to do with the price of truth. If the price is everything - the you pay everything - including your sanity. It has something to do with the explosive energy required if you want to break through endless layers of lies LIES LIES LIES ..... 
 I don't know if this interpretation of Moby Dick actually makes so much sense to me, but there is an energy in this, a new angle on spirituality that's refreshing. 

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  1. What is clearly evident if we actually care to look, is that the creator of the video appears to be female. :-)

  2. I thought the Universe was the true creator of everything, but maybe I was mistaken ... :-)

  3. "But what if this is the energy that is required if you want to wake up OUT OF the dream character OUT OF DREAM??"

    It depends.
    Who wants to wake up?

  4. Björn, your comment does not necessarily stand in opposition to mine. Especially if we take your newest blog post into account...

  5. Anton!
    Who wants to wake up is a brilliant question! I've heard the correct "advaita-answers" so many times - I've even given these answers myself, but here I am again, back where I started. It truly is a merry-go-round, this spiritual search. I think it was back in 2002 when I read Three Pillars of Zen by Philip Roshi Kapleau. But today I am back where I was before I opened that damned book.
    Maybe it's a good thing though. Maybe I have to go back even farther. Back to before I was born. Reminds me of the famous zen koan, - what did your face look like before your parents were born?