lördag, oktober 25, 2008

God doesn't give a shit about what YOU want

What am I waiting for? I know that the moment I let go of “waiting” altogether, the seeking game will be over. Letting go of waiting is one key.

Letting go of waiting

The difficult thing about this liberation thing is that it is so simple. When I let go of waiting, everything else that keeps me imprisoned falls away. I know that. I can see it, the beauty of it, the logic of it, the terror of it..... Game over. No more seeking. No more hoping. No more waiting. Never again going to a Satsang and hope to get some cool experience, some mini Satori, some epiphany, some breakthrough. Just imagine that.

No more reading the back cover of spiritual books hoping to find the book with the missing pieces. NEVER AGAIN.

By the way it's ridiculous because I already know too many answers. I have found all the missing pieces. I have all the pieces I need. I got all I needed in that first retreat with Nukunu in 2004. The reason I kept seeking was that I wanted to stay in control over my life . And that was only natural. Our whole culture is about control. About my control over my life. About my goals, my will... MY WILL .....

there is the other key .... YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN ....

Your will be done – not my will
(“You” meaning God or The Universe)

Our culture is said to be christian and Pater Noster is the prayer that is said to unite all christians. And what is said about my will in that prayer?? Are we told, in this prayer, to ask God to support us in doing what we want?????

Hell no! We don't even need to pray about this. God doesn't give a shit about what we want. I actually prefer to use The Universe instead of God. Fits me better. Us humans being all worked up about what we want is a joke. A cosmic joke. Maybe something that funny has never been seen before in the whole Universe. How can we actually believe we are in control? We don't need scientists or philosophers to tell us we don't have free will. We can easily investigate that for ourselves. Just try to figure out how you do when you choose your next thought. Where are the alternatives? Are our alternative thoughts lying on a plate somewhere inside the brain so that we can look at them and then pick the one we prefer? Any honest investigation of our own thought processes shows that thoughts just pop up .... same with feelings. We have NO CONTROL whatsoever over our own thoughts and feelings.... yeah, I know, you want to argue with me on that one ... you have control right ... you are the exception. Or maybe I'm the crazy guy here who hallucinates my thoughts being controlled by external forces... HA ha ha. :-)

Doesn't much matter if the self has any control or not, the self is itself a hallucination. It's produced in the brain by the same structures that are responsible for hallucinations. It's actually true. If we stop this mad inner dialog for just a moment – the self starts to crumble. The sense of self is a ghost that needs us and others to feed it with fake evidence of it's existence. There are no evidence for the reality of the self. Our own experience of self is a hallucination.

Who cares about what a ghost wants? When we see that our sense of self is a ghost we will not have any problems with the words in Pater Noster – Your will be done – (not my will). It will not be a problem because there is no one to whom it could ever become a problem.

Stay with this!! Björn, stay with it. Don't add more to this. This is all that is needed. And it's never going to become a big bang experience. It's already here. Life is already perfect. Complete. Whole. One.

Life is.

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  1. mmm.....ja allt vill man inte godta...jag vill ha en vilja och jag tror på att det jag tänker manifesterar sig i mitt liv.

  2. jo, det är klart att det vi tänker manifesteras. Egot har en vilja och en upplevelse av kontroll. Frågan är NÄR egot är redo att lämna över ratten till Universums vilja och ofattbara intelligens. Nu kan det ju vara så att det är Universum som hållit i ratten hela tiden, medan vi suttit i baksätet och styrt med vår LEKSAKSRATT - som små barn, underbara och vackra i vår enfald.