tisdag, oktober 28, 2008

God must be depressed

The Trans-Meaning-State of consciousness

Meaning is the one great obstacle to living in the now. Eckhart Tolle talks about the power of now. I say the now has no power. To be present in the now is the proof that all meaning is transcended.

  • To be with what is as it is - . Sounds spiritual and profound but what does it mean? It means to be with what is without the meaning we have given to it. Now it doesn't sound that appealing.

Almost everybody in a postmodern society knows that meaning is subjective and context dependent. But what do we do with that knowledge? We feel depressed. We panic. We listen to people who say that we are free to choose a better meaning – a more empowering and enabling meaning! I have listened a lot to the “supercoach” Anthony Robbins. He has actually come to some really deep insights about the human psyche. But his conclusion is different from mine. He talks about the ultimate importance of our MOM:s (maps of meaning). Our map of meaning is our “mental DNA”. Robbins does not think we can manipulate our DNA, but he does think we can manipulate our MOM – in order to become “winners”. I don't want to win. On my MOM winning is ridiculous. I know it doesn't matter what meaning we give the concept of winning. The point is to transcend meaning.

And when we arrive at the “trans-meaning state” (my word for any mystical state), we see that there wasn't any point in arriving to this state. In the trans-meaning-state there isn't any point to anything at all..... sounds like depression .... I know. My “problem” here is that I have never suffered from depression. So I can't compare these states. But I know people who have, I have read about the symptoms. Based on this I can say that these two states looks very similar on the surface but they are worlds apart.

Explanation of the term Trans-Meaning-State:

In a recent post I used the term post-verbal-state. But language is not the root-obstacle. The root obstacle is meaning. And when meaning falls away language falls to – together with almost all emotions related to judgment – good, bad – right, wrong – beautiful, ugly, etc. I have come to the conclusion that judgment does arise before language. Being hungry is bad. Eating is good. Judgment is relatively independent of language. But no judgment is independent of meaning. Judgment is meaning. And meaning is an obstacle to a life in the present moment – a life in “divine flow” where we move with the will and intelligence of the universe. In this state we see through meaning. Something strikes me here. Most people do already live in this trans-meaning-state. But we don't want it. So we eat anti-depressants. We talk to psychiatrists. But why? To see through meaning is a sign that we have come to the next level – or something. At this level different levels have no meaning. At this level life is magic. Yes, it is true. What am I seeking? I have already arrived. Why do I have to go further? Because the society doesn't support this state of mind. It's scared by it. It doesn't understand. And I care. Why do I care?

This is my next obstacle. My next lesson is to learn not to care... What makes me frustrated is that being established in the Trans-Meaning-State should make all this problems fall away. That is in theory. In practice this takes time. I go in and out of this Trans-Meaning-State. The paradox is that to become established in this new state I have to go back to the “Meaning-State” and give this new state a meaning. You could say that a new state affect all the previous states. My body is affected by this new way of being. It has to get used to this. And my thinking.  

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