torsdag, oktober 09, 2008

How to make yourself accident prone?

I live encapsulated by a cloud of beliefs, interpretations, judgements, and separation – a thick cloud of bullshit. There is nothing but lies in this cloud, including the knower of this fact. That’s the core of the whole issue. The knower of falseness is as false as anything it knows.

It feels like I cannot tell myself this enough times. There is NO WAY OUT of falseness for the knower of falseness. There is no knower.

Today I thought about how important it is to stay with the experience of the world not being real. The importance to hold on to the realization that when we go out of bed in the morning, we keep on dreaming – a different kind of dream. Now I see how futile that idea is. The one experiencing “reality” as a dream is itself a dream. Not separate from what it dreams up. The creator of the dream, the experiencer of the dream  and the dream or ONE. The hope of waking up from the dream is itself a dream.

This is how I believe it to be – you can never wake up, but awakeness itself can shine on you so that the shadow of you disappears. But there is nothing you can do to make that happen. When it happens it’s more like an accident. The car hits you, you don’t hit the car. Ken Wilber use to quote some Zen master who says that awakening is an accident and meditation makes you accident prone.

What kind of meditation makes you accident prone? I am sure there are many ways to meditate that makes you less accident prone.

How to meditate in a way that exposes you to the accident? And what is the accident? Is it termination of separation?

I feel that meditation has to be about letting awareness go where it wants to go. Do what it wants to do. I know meditation is about awareness and I know its not about me. 

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