torsdag, oktober 16, 2008

Is meditation a manifestation of total depression?

When nothing seems exciting or fun anymore, when there is nothing you can do about anything, what do you do? You might stay in bed all day, but if you make it out of bed, you will probably end up sitting somewhere doing nothing. Why do anything? It's all meaningless anyway. I think this state has a stunning resemblance to meditation.

Most mediators will disagree because they have plans. They meditate for world peace, inner peace, improved health, improved intelligence, improved sex life, or even the one biggie - Enlightenment. What if they fool themselves? If you want peace in the world, start with your own inner peace. That's what they say. But is that really true? Let's look at it in this way. There are lot's of creatures on this earth with inner peace - dogs, cows, dolphins, elephants, the list is long, but their inner peace doesn't stop human beings from going to war or destroying the planet. Does it? 

If mediators look at their practice from a new perspective they might actually get some really interesting insights. There are so many fun things to do, why just sit and do nothing. There are so many wonderful people to hang out with, why sit and close your eyes and shut yourself out from the world? Meditators say they come back from meditation refreshed and ready to enjoy life even more. Anyhow, thats what they like to think. I think they are wrong. If you want to get refreshed, go take a nap or go out for a jog, and then some sauna. If you meditate and hope to get something out of it, you will never come close to the true power of meditation. Meditation is about killing the reality of yourself and life. You kill the “reality” of yourself and life by letting it starve to death. That's what meditation is all about. What keeps “reality” alive? The answer is of course ... hope .... And hope creates the illusion of future and time. 

Sometimes we talk about what a disaster it is when people don't see a future for themselves. We say that gives rise to all sorts of immoral behavior. We HAVE TO give people a future and something to hope for. Why? Because if we don't people might get depressed. And depression is the disease everybody wants to cure, including those who suffer from depression. But what if we look at depression in a new way? What if depression is a door out of the dream state? And what if meditation is nothing but a way of practicing depression? Not trying to run away from it or cure it. But stay with it. Become one with it.

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  1. Check out Oprah & Eckhart:

  2. They are wonderful people. I've listened to all the webclasses and hundreds and hundreds of more hours from retreats and talks by Eckhart. And it's all been wonderful. So much wisdom. It has made me so happy. And it's all been a beautiful dream dreamt by the dream character Björn. A spiritual dream. It has not taken me one single step further. And that realization is in itself kind of interesting. So in a way Eckhart has helped me. Helped me to realize that NO ONE can help me. If someone could, it would be Eckhart. But he can't.