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A little story

Children of Maya

This is the little story about a man named Björn who started to meditate because he was looking for  freedom – inner and outer freedom. One day he arrived at a crossroad in his meditation practice. There he met an old women called Maya.

- What are you looking for, asked Maya
- I am looking for freedom, Björn answered
- Freedom from what?
- Freedom from the prison of ego.
- And how is it going so far?
- I think I am making progress.
- Do you believe that you are a prisoner inside ego?
- Yes, sort of.
- What if you ARE the Ego?
- I am not.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am absolutely sure I am not the ego.
- How can you be so sure?
- Because I can witness my ego when I meditate.
- What if that is just one part of the ego witnessing another part? Could that be possible?
- I don't think so. 

- Björn, don't you want to know who I am? , Maya asked.
- Ok, sorry, who are you?
- I am May, the best magician in the universe and I have created you. I know everything about you.
- Really?
- Oh yes. What you call ego is my invention. And if you are clever you will come with me and I can teach you everything there is to know about ego, imprisonment and freedom. If you are stupid like most seekers are, you take the other way that will lead you to all the Gurus and their spiritual market place - crammed with their books, seminars, Satsangs and retreats - anything that can get these Gurus som extra bucks. They know nothing about ego because they have never asked me. They haven't even talked to me. When they came here, to this crossroad, they looked away because they thought I was just this silly old women sitting here doing nothing. They simply ignored me. They don't know I am their mother. I care for them. They are all my own children.
- Am I your son?
- Oh yes my dear! You are my beloved little son. All human beings are my children. I am the mother of what they refer to as themselves – not of their bodies. 
So Björn, which way are you going to take this time? Are you going to finally return home to your mother? I've seen you many times before Björn, and you have always looked away when you saw me. You always chose the road that lead you to the Gurus. You have been to the Gurus many times. Aren't you tired of listening to their empty words of wisdom? They talk about ego and freedom but they know nothing because they have never asked me, the creator of the whole thing.
- Yes mother Maya, I am tired of their bullshit! I want to return home this time.
- Good choice my son. Come with me.

Drinking tea in Mayas kitchen
Standing in the doorway of the prison

- Maya, why do you say I am my ego?
- Björn, there is not someone there who can say “my” ego. You are ego and nothing but ego. I have created you as a big house with many floors and rooms. You may call it a prison if you like. In this prison you store all sorts of memories, plans, thoughts, opinions, philosophies, emotions, preferences. In the basement there is a locked room where you keep you most valuable treasures – you attachments – the bonds you create to things by calling them my or mine. I have created all that for you.
- But what is it then that is witnessing all this during meditation? Isn't that something that must be outside this ego prison? It feels like I am watching the person Björn from an impersonal perspective – from outside - from the perspective of boundless, timeless consciousness.
- These Gurus of yours have stuffed your little head full with all sorts of crazy ideas. How could you look at yourself from outside? How can you believe something that crazy. It's like lifting yourself in you own shoelaces. 
- Maybe there is a soul, something that is free from this bodymind, that has a perspective of it's own. I think that is possible.
- You think it's possible, but you don't know for sure. Listen Björn. This is how it is. The ego is whole and sound and complete before these Gurus start tearing it apart and inventing fancy names for the different parts, names like witness or soul or true self.
What you call the witness is the doorway to the ego and the entrance door is open. While you stand there you are in direct contact with the world outside ego. Nothing is between you and the world outside. You feel very alive when you stand  there. You can look directly at the world and you can simultaneously look at everything inside yourself. You feel free but you are not. Many call it a transpersonal or impersonal dimension but it's not. The entrance door is open but you can not walk out of yourself. Can you understand why?
- No, not really.
- OK, explain then to me how you could walk out of yourself.
- This is how I see it. Everything is consciousness. What we perceive as the phenomenal world is forms of consciousness. It's all the same. It's all one. I am like a wave on the ocean. I appear to be separate from the other waves but I am the same thing, the same water, the same wetness. 
- Sounds good, but it doesn't explain how you can walk out of yourself.
- Well, maybe consciousness can be conscious everywhere. My perspective is but one of an infinite number of different perspectives. Maybe, if you rest as consciousness, you can access all the other perspectives also. You become free from your own perspective. You can take other perspectives too. Maybe this is what they call the evolution of consciousness – the increasing capacity to take other perspectives. Something like that.
- Yes Björn, something like that, but you want to know exactly how it is, don't you?
- Yes I do.
- There are no perspectives at all. Zero. Null.
- What?
- I am Maya, the best magician in the world. I have created the illusion of different perspectives. In reality, they don't exist.
- They don't??
- Nope.
- But what is the point in trying to become free of this limited perspective?
- There is no point! It's all a trick. Your perspective doesn't exist Björn. How can you become free of something that doesn't exist?

If you try to escape a prison that doesn't exist you must be insane

- I don't exist?
- Nope.
- But ...... what am I?
- You are an illusion! Haven't your Gurus told you that many times?
- Well, they have but ....
- But they don't understand it themselves. That's why they can't explain it to you.
- But you can't either Maya, I still don't understand.
- I'm not done with you yet Björn. You see, IF the prison of ego was real, you could escape from it. If you were real you could escape from the prison. But you are not real. The prison is not real. It's all ghosts, fantasies, dreams. The whole search is pointless. It's like a shadow trying to see the light. 

The absurdity of something unreal trying to escape something unreal – how to get off the merry-go-round of spiritual searching

- Why should I then meditate?
- If you want to get off the merry-go-round of spiritual searching, meditation can actually help you, if it's performed the right way. To remind yourself that you are nothing but a dream. Do you want some practical instructions on how to meditate?
- Yes! But Maya, tell me first why you reveal this secrets to me! 
- I tell everyone Björn. It's not a secret. But most people don't listen to me. They want to believe they are real. And that's fine with me. Most people believe they are real until they die. That was my plan because that makes the show of human existence more spectacular. And I want a spectacular show. I want to enjoy myself. But I am not cruel. I love all of my children. When they don't want to play any longer, they can come home to me. Just like you did. 
- Ok. Tell me now how to meditate.
- OK, first, you don't have to sit in a certain posture, but it's good to sit with the spine erect because that prevents you from falling asleep. 
What you do when you are sitting is simply to observe how thoughts and feelings just appear by themselves. The illusion of being something other than a dream is kept alive by the illusion of control. But when you see that your thoughts are put there in your head, by forces beyond your control, you see that your thinking is nothing but a dream dreamt with open eyes.
Try to see how you do when you produce a thought. A good question is – How do I choose my next thought? Ask yourself that. And when a thought has appeared, try to see how you made it appear. Get rid of your illusion of controlling your thoughts, thats all you have to do. When that illusion is gone, everything else will fall in place. Don't trust me. Try it out for yourself!

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  1. "A ma ma wale, ke wahine ke la"

    All are born of woman and all will return to know her


  2. Oh, that's beautiful, thank you!!

  3. What a clear and precious story. Thank you, Björn. It will be my "picknick" for my mountain walks through les alpages d'Evolène this week.

  4. Shahla! I wish you a wonderful mountain walk! Mountains are the best spiritual teachers in the world!