tisdag, oktober 28, 2008

Reorientation in a world of meaning-transparency

The heading for this post is a perfect summary of the process I am in right now – and has been for the last couple of months. A subheading could be - leaving a world of opaque meaning

Now I can see what this whole mess is all about, the mess of angry ramblings that this blog is filled with. My critique against conventional approaches to meditation, mindfulness and all the Satsang-Advaita-Zen-mystical-whatever-bullshit that is driving me nuts these days. There is nothing wrong with any of these phenomena except they do NOT make sense in a meaning-transparent world. Nothing makes any sense here and simultaneously it makes all the sense in the world. There is no language available to describe this meaning-transparent world, except a disparate collection of so called “pointers”. These pointer, if taken seriously, will soon leave you completely lost in a maze of paradoxes. You soon see that you will never find a way out of this maze of paradoxes. But it's one thing to understand this and a very different thing to accept it. We say we seek liberation. We talk about inner freedom as “something” worth fighting for. But inner freedom is not “something”, it's the absence of all meaning.... what? .... the mind goes blank. The only thing the mind can come up with when confronted with real freedom is depression. People quote Viktor Frankl who said that life has to have meaning. And he is right, life AS WE KNOW IT. life in a world of opaque (not transparent) meaning. But people can't find opaque meaning any more. We live in a global, multicultural world, where we are confronted with the fact that one and the same thing can have thousands of widely different meanings, depending on cultural context etc. And how do we react? We get depressed or we get spiritual or a combination of both. Depression and spirituality can both be dead ends. Spirituality is a dead end IF it tries to find a new opaque meaning. Depression is a dead end the moment the disease creates a new identity and new negative and destructive meaning for the individual.

To be continued....

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