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Spiritual Marxism

It's not my life – it's simply life

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The power of the word “my”

It's not my ego – it's simply ego

Waking up from the dream of ownership

The shadow of ego

Spiritual Marxism

Yesterday I thought about a phrase I like – the spiritual seeker is like a shadow trying to see the light. That phrase struck me as the most succinct explanation of the merry-go-round of spiritual seeking I've heard for years – and I happened to write it. I've probably heard it many times before, it's one of these clichés that pollute spirituality. Sometimes this smog of wisdom bullshit makes it hard to breath. But it's probably wise not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Maybe this phrase is a real baby.

I started to wonder what it is that casts this shadow and why that “thing” thinks it IS the shadow. And to me the answer is obvious. Ego is casting the shadow. Oh my God, now it's really becoming interesting! What is the shadow saying about ego? It says – that is MY ego. What if ego itself never was a problem? What if the whole problem is the shadow of ego? This is not philosophy, this is common fucking sense!

What if ego is the reference point that makes this whole human experience possible. What if ego is the program that keeps this body alive, protects it and gets it what it needs to survive? That is to say, not a problem, not something to overcome or transcend or diminish. Why not let ego be what it is? Let's say ego is real. Let's say ego is already enlightened. They say that the answers to all life's questions are already there in plain view. I think that's exactly right. It's all there in plain view and it's a hell of a show!

When spiritual people talk about ego I think they refer to it's shadow. This shadow has only one function and that is to create the illusion of ownership. The “ego-shadow” performs all it's trick by just one little seemingly innocent word – the word MY. I see how this could become some kind of spiritual Marxism but let's forget politics for a while and start in spirituality.

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