fredag, oktober 31, 2008

The "Super Coach" Anthony Robbins must live in a prison of opaque meaning

The process of inventing meaning is automatic and conditioned. The need to invent a new and better meaning is also conditioned. When meaning becomes transparent the need to change it disappears. Whenever someone tells us about the fantastic possibility of changing our life by changing our map of meaning – we can be sure of one thing – that person is imprisoned in a world of opaque meaning. Many great persons who have inspired millions of people comes to my mind. One of them is Anthony Robbins. I wonder why he still doesn't see that meaning is transparent. If he could see the miracle and beauty that shines through meaning he would let go of the need to improve our maps of meaning.

What creates the illusion of meaning being opaque?

Emotions! It's that simple. When a certain meaning creates a painful emotion in your body you think the meaning must be real. But it's not. Meaning is nothing but fantasy. Emotions though, are real. They can be measured as chemical changes in your body. But meaning can not be measured. Meanings are ghosts. But our bodies can not see this. It's easy to fool our bodies. The moment we see this we have a key to unlock the prison cell of opaque meaning. Now we have to use that key – in all situations. Whenever we feel pain we have to investigate what meaning gave rise to the painful emotion. And then question that meaning. See if it's true. We can do Byron Katies “The Work” if we like. It's very effective. If you are not familiar with this brilliant process, take a look at  But there are many other tools. The best tools are those that we invent for ourselves. That's what I am up to right now - creating my own escape plan - finding my own keys. 

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