söndag, oktober 12, 2008

Transcending the belief in Santa Claus

Everyone who has believed in Santa Claus knows what it's like to transcend a belief. Transcending the belief that you are a separate person, a “Some One” is a related process but much harder to go through - with a strong emphasis on much. When you see for the first time that Santa is nothing but a nice little game, a sweet fairytale, everybody will comfort and support you except for the younger kids who still believe in Santa. They will get angry and defensive and tell you how wrong you are.

What is the connection between Santa and spiritual enlightenment? You better ask what the connection are between Santa and your belief in being a person, a “Some One”? I say they are connected. Anyone who has experienced a deep mystical state knows this. I am here talking about a state where consciousness has transcended the illusion of separation. But when you come back to you normal life after such an experience nobody can comfort and support you. It's common to think that a spiritual teacher or a spiritual community will give you the comfort and support you need. I too believed that for some years but today I see that it is, if not impossible, at least very problematic. The Santa metaphor makes that obvious. 

It always hurts when illusions crumble and die. But at least you can comfort yourself with the fact that you are now disillusioned but more mature than before. This is true for every illusion except the illusion of being a separate person. 

The Santa metaphor also shows that you will still be there as the person you once believed you were. Santa is still there for small children to believe in. They can still send him their wish lists. You will still be there for small children to believe in. The shock comes when you realize that almost everybody are small children – including the illusion of you – you as a separate person. Why should you be different or above anybody else? The answer is – because you want to! Because you are a small child!

After having one or several of these mystical experiences we feel the need to interpret them. What did they mean? A common feature of all the common interpretations is that we have found some kind of higher, deeper and truer dimension in our identity. I say that is the worst possible bullshit human beings ever have made up. We haven't found anything. We have found “No Thing”, “No One”. That's the whole fucking point of any mystical experience. But the bullshit about higher and deeper and truer layers of self is very logical and natural. There are simple no programs in our brain that are not connected to the illusion of a separate self. How could there be? 

When people see that Santa was nothing but a fairytale they don't spend years thinking about the higher, deeper and truer dimensions of Santa Claus. Do they? Most children simply leave it behind and go on about their lives. But when it comes to the belief in being separate persons, we don't simple leave it behind us. But why don't we? Would it even possible? I think it would! And I think this world would become a place much less insane and crazy if we actually left the belief in being separate persons behind us. But in order to do that we have to have the courage of leaving everything that is holy and sacred behind us. And that isn't an easy task. I know. But if we look at all the suffering created by human beings beliefs in sacred and holy things, it could become a bit easier. Could it not? 

This text will contain a series of meditations and affirmations that will commit heresy against many things spiritual seeker see as holy and sacred. How could that be of any help to any one? The answer is – it can not. These meditations will not be of any help to any one. And that is because they will attack the holiest of all our beliefs – the belief in a higher, deeper and truer self that is waiting for you deep inside your heart for you to realize it. Forget it! There is no fucking self! 

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