fredag, oktober 03, 2008

trying to package and sell the truth is pointless and stupid

Why is it so hard to stay with a few simple and powerful nondual pointers? I mean, how many pointers do we need? Stupid question – I know – because it’s obvious why we collect pointers and perspectives and compare them and …… that game has one goal and that is to avoid actually using the pointers. How crazy is that? Being given all the keys we need to get out of the dreamstate – and what do we do with those keys? – we play with them... How stupid are we really, how scared are we? – for Gods sake - why don’t we take just ONE KEY and actually use it? ….. fear…. we are so afraid to actually using it that we don't know it ourselves, so we take the key and compare it with other keys, wondering and speculating … will this key unlock the door? Maybe that one over there will work better?

It’s a stupid and crazy game and it has one single purpose – procrastination – avoiding the unavoidable. I know exactly how stupid the game is because I have played it for almost 5 years now. 

How many pointers do I need to break out of the dreamstate? The answer is ONE. Any pointer will do if we just DARE stick to it. But we don’t. We take it up, we feel it’s hot and sharp and we put it away. That’s what we do. And once we are out of the dreamstate we lose all interest in different pointers. Why bother? We are already out. Well, someone might think, don’t we need good pointers to help others get out of the dreamstate? No, we don’t.

Whenever a person is enthusiastically going on and on about this or that pointer by this or that guru – one thing is certain – they are still stuck in the dreamstate. Once out you lose interest in all pointers including the one that got yourself out. Once out you even lose interest in helping others to wake up. Some awake people can’t help express their thoughts about waking up but others keep quiet about it. It doesn’t really matter. 

If a person is ready to wake up she will wake up. She will get exactly the pointer she needs – why worry about that? – the Universe will see to that. If a person is worrying about how to help other people wake up, take that as a clear sign that she herself is not awake. Just telling the truth without worrying about how others might take it is to trust the Universe. Well, not only trust it but see that everything is done by the universe. In reality there is nothing anybody can do about anything. How can we see for ourselves if that statement is true? The answer is, if we are prepared, if we are meant to see this – we see it. If not – we don’t see it – NO MATTER how well anyone explains it.

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