tisdag, oktober 14, 2008

Waking up downwards

I think the waking up process goes from the top to the bottom. First it hits the brain. We understand that we are nothing but dream characters in a dream, I call that conceptual awakening. That is something anybody can attain by attending Satsangs, reading book and so on.  But this awakening is of no value. There is only complete awakening or no awakening. It's when the process has descended down the brain, to the spine, where our primitive fear resides, that things becomes interesting - and a bloody war. That's where the real awakening takes place. Not in Satsangs.

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  1. Jed McKenna Music Video:

    Carpe Vitae


  2. I am wiping the tears from my eyes, that was so beautiful and inspiring. that is true spirituality. Thank you anonym, whoever you are!!

  3. Why the English? Do you want comments in English too? Here is one:

    Have your heard of the Kundalini and felt it's rising? To me it is a burning, moving, kind of awkward sensation in my back and always upwards (in me at stops at shoulderlevel). How does Kundalini correspond to your observation?


  4. Björn, I am Ulf. Pleased to have made your acquaintance, and equally pleased to have been of service. Other than that, you already KNOW who I am. If there is still debris cluttering the view and obstructing the flow, just nuke it!

    It's obvious most of this crap has been "learned" in English, so maybe some parts also have to be UNLEARNED in English...?

  5. I know the saying very well: "Väck inte den Björn som sover." Men vargen kunde inte hjälpa det. Universum insisterade. :-)

  6. Telluselle!
    Comments in english or swedish, doesn't matter. Almost all the input I get about this subject is in english which makes me think about this in enlish - that's the reason.
    Your question is certainly relevant. But I am afraid I have no good answer. I can only say that the separate person experiencing the kundalini phenomenon, in my view is the dream character and the kundalini experience is just another dream. Exciting, oh yes, I've had some myself. But still a dream. So awakening is something else I think. Can one kind of dream be more "real" than another? What do you think?

  7. Tjena Ulf!
    Björnen sover, Björnen sover ... ha ha ha. But he will NEVER wake up. There is nothing the Universe he himself or anybody else can do about that. Sorry.... :-)

  8. Perhaps he will never wake up, but there is always the possibility that he will take us all with him when he destroy himself and the entire perceived universe by fusing matter and antimatter to create the philosopher's stone! :-)

  9. that would be the art of destroying something that does not exist.

    fusing matter and antimatter .... cool