tisdag, november 25, 2008

Becoming WHOLE - not holy ....WHOLENESS - not holiness

The Mind is everything – every form. Before the mind is whole the formless will never be revealed. The formless is revealed to the whole mind. 
Can we make the mind whole?
Yes, we can see that everything is the mind. I am the mind. You are the mind. We are the mind. They are the mind. It is the mind. 

A common pointer in nondual spirituality states that I contain everything – I as awareness or consciousness. I am the space for everything. That pointer means nothing to me these days. I don't CONTAIN anything. I AM everything. 

How do I understand this?
I understand it simply be knowing that the whole world (as I know it – which is all I can ever work with) is contained inside my brain. My brain is the universe. The Universe AS a thought.

What is behind the thoughts – behind THE MIND – behind EVERYTHING?
That question has to emerge. I know. It's crucial. 
Well, behind the mind is nothing. Emptiness.....
.... but not emptiness as a concept. Not emptiness as a word like awareness or consciousness. Not emptiness that could be labeled as God or Tao or Buddha-mind or Brahman or Nirvana or anything.... none of these concepts.
Just the void.... dancing ... vibrating.... celebrating.... living .... laughing... crying... appearing ... disappearing ..... thinking .... YES – that's it. The void thinking.

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  1. I love the void :) It' s almost like an empty echo sensation at first, but when I can rest in the void - everything is bliss.