måndag, november 17, 2008

"Heart crap"

I am the same as “my reality”. That statement carries unfathomable implications. It's such a simple statement and yet the most radical thing the mind can imagine. 

Whenever I judge another person I judge myself. Whenever I label another person I label myself. Sounds like any other wisdom cliché until you realize what it actually means.... there is no other ... I am completely alone ... Sounds strange until you realize that there isn't even an “I” that can be alone. There is only reality. Without labels. Without judgments. Then it doesn't sound strange any more. Because “strange” is a judgment and the pronoun “I” and "other" and "alone" are all labels. What's left without judgments and labels and stories? 


Only reality. 

Always only reality. 

I have been a judge my whole life. Up to now. What a tough job that was. It took a lot of effort. I am proud of myself. Proud that I managed to be in this tough job for so many years. But now I am exhausted. Someone else can do all the judging. Well, I don't have to worry about that. There are many other judges. Millions of them. They are working hard judging everybody and everything all the time. I have done my part. I quit. 

And the labeling business. I am out of that business also! Not because I am spiritual but because I am exhausted. 

I am now into gratitude ... and love. .... and heart .... that sort of thing. “Heart crap” according to Jed McKenna. I love that Jed McKenna calls it heart-crap. It's part of this mind blowing perfection I see everywhere. I know the perfection is there. In my heart. The perfection of duality.
It's everything. 
Always perfect.
Like an equation.

Heart- Mind

Peace- War

Beautiful- Ugly


And it's all perfect. It's all reality. And I love reality. Why? There is so much suffering! How can anyone love reality? Because the heart is full of love and the only thing there is to love is reality. You can't love a dream. You can try but ultimately you will fail. You can only love what's true. And the only truth is reality. What is. Everything. Loving what is. Fingers – keyboard – screen – words – sentences.

The naked truth of reality is beautiful and friendly.


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  1. Hello Bjorn - Namaste!
    I read your post on the Tolle site and followed your blog link to here. I enjoy your writing and share your relief. I also have found the peace of "reality" which I share at http://delboltblog.blogspot.com
    Peace and joy
    Del (aka Hermit Loon)