torsdag, november 13, 2008

How can I know that I am awake to reality?

What is reality? What is life? What am I?
In order to answer these questions I have to step out of reality, out of life, out of myself. The place I come to is a place outside reality, life and self. In this unreal, lifeless and foreign place I am unable to answer these questions. This unreal place is a dream appearing IN reality - AS reality - the place is called DUALITY

In other words, I have to create duality from non-duality. In duality, I can get thousands of answers but no answer is the one I am looking for - the TRUE - NON-DUAL answer.

I can only be reality, be life and be myself.


Here is a simple test to check if I am awake to reality:
If I have any problem at all with the concept of solipsism, it means that I am NOT awake. 
If, on the other hand, solipsism feels like the most natural thing in the world to me, it means that I am truly awake to reality.


Solipsism = I am everything. Nothing exists that is not me.
How can this statement be misunderstood? In countless ways. But all the misunderstandings have to do with CONTROL. Being everything does not mean I control everything.... very important indeed to point out ....
On the contrary, it means I can't control anything at all - not even the appearence of this subject. My ego and other egos - there is no difference. Egos just appear as different forms of me - different stories.
If you, the reader of this, questions the reality of my experience - I can't answer your questions unless I leave reality. My answer will not be true because no dualistic questions are true.

Oh yes, I am talking to myself here. The Self talks to itself in thousands of different voices. This is not about Björn being everything. It's about Björn being nothing and the Self being everything. This is reality from a non-dual perspective. The dualistic perspective is a dream appearing in the Self - AS THE SELF. 

Like Jed McKenna use to say in his books - come see for yourself. *
Sometimes that is the only answer.

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  1. In order to answer those questions it requires sitting in reality and out of our minds.

    “If, on the other hand, solipsism feels like the most natural thing in the world to me, it means that I am truly awake to reality.
    Solipsism = I am everything. Nothing exists that is not me.”

    I would not use the term solipsism what you describe later. I quote Wikipedia here to explain:

    “Solipsism is is the philosophical idea that "My mind is the only thing that I know exists." Solipsism is an epistemological or metaphysical position that knowledge of anything outside the mind is unjustified. The external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist”
    “Nondualism superficially resembles solipsism, but from a nondual perspective solipsism mistakenly fails to consider subjectivity itself. Upon careful examination of the referent of "I," i.e. one's status as a separate observer of the perceptual field, one finds that one must be in as much doubt about it, too, as solipsists are about the existence of other minds and the rest of "the external world." (One way to see this is to consider that, due to the conundrum posed by one's own subjectivity becoming a perceptual object to itself, there is no way to validate one's "self-existence" except through the eyes of others -- the independent existence of which is already solipsistically suspect!) Nondualism ultimately suggests that the referent of "I" is in fact an artificial construct (merely the border separating "inner" from "outer," in a sense), the transcendence of which constitutes enlightenment.”

  2. Eric!
    Your quote from Wikipedia points out an important distinction between solipsism and a non-dual understanding. A distinction that's ultimately another thought to question ... or believe!
    What I find fascinating with "The Work" is that it "allows" us to keep "the last story". God is everything and everything is good. It "allows" us to keep peaceful beliefs. That kind of goes against a more hardcore brand of nonduality that urges us to question EVERYTHING. But keeping the belief in a subject and peaceful beliefs is actually smart. It helps me to relax. I've been struggling with "Spiritual Autolysis" à la Jed McKenna for some months and... well, I experience the difference. A huge difference. There is now a clarity in me (I am this clarity) that is absolutely undeniable!

  3. Ja, apropå allt detta... Den här videon var ju faktiskt oerhört njutbar:

    Jed McKenna Tribute - Walt Whitman

  4. Ulf! Tack för det klippet. Mycket vackert. Påminner mig om den skönhet som lyser igenom plastpåse-scenen i American Beauty.

  5. Ja, eller: