lördag, november 01, 2008

If you avoid meaninglessness you avoid meaning

Q: How do you define meaning?

A: Meaning arises together with it's opposite – meaninglessness. Meaning is defined by meaninglessness – like light is defined by darkness. Our search for meaning and avoidance of meaninglessness is silly since you can't have one without the other.

Q: Ok, got it.

A: If we like we can say that something is meaningful when it meets one of our six basic human needs as defined by Anthony Robbins – 1. Certainty 2. Uncertainty/Variety 3. Significance 4. Connection and Love 5. Growth 6. Contribution.

Q: But doesn't everything in some way meet these needs? And if that is so, how can then something be regarded as meaningless?

A: Our minds have the ability to question everything – which is great – including our needs. Why should we grow when we are going to die? Why do we try to be significant when all of us, when we take the right perspective, can see how extremely insignificant we actually are? And so on. We can question all of these beliefs. And when we do so, things become meaningless.

Q: I see. But how can meaning(lessness) become transparent?

A: That is the subject of this blog. I'll come back to you.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Ah but you see! That's is how you create meaning. By choosing which perpective you have on life; you can either create meaning or meaninglessness from your experiences.

  2. When meaning(lessness) becomes transparent, when you see it for what it is - nothing but temporary thoughtpatterns IN OUR BRAINS - another dimension opens up - a dimension where everything is meaningless AND THEREFORE full of meaning in a way we never could imagine when we live in a dimension of opaque meaning. A dimension where everything becomes alive and full of magic... :-)