lördag, november 29, 2008

Is there a real "other person" behind your own projection of "another person"?

-To realize that a person you love does NOT exist - that's a revolution. 

-Can you tell him or her that straight in the face?
-No, that person will misunderstand - that person will think I am crazy - so there is no point. 

-IS THAT TRUE? You say there is no "other person" and you mean it. Now you have to prove it. Did you perhaps get second thoughts?
-Maybe I have to put it differently. I could say that I project my own stuff on you. I don't see you, I just see my own projection. I think that is easier to accept. 
-But then the "other person" ... assumes that there is a real "other person" behind you projection. Is that true?
-No, it's not true. You see - the MOST IMPORTANT INSIGHT here is to see that "I" am also a thought - the ME is nothing but a projection of THE UNIFIED MIND. You don't exist BUT I DO NOT EXIST EITHER. I could say - we don't exist EXCEPT as thoughts. The only thing that exist is the ONE UNIFIED MIND appearing as new worlds of thoughts all the time. Appearing as countless different perspectives.... I like the way Nukunu puts it - "The mystery that I am now takes the form of ....."
-Yes, that's a good way of putting it.
-I would express it like this even though I know it can't be expressed - emptiness is shining and dancing as thoughts - the thoughts of YOU, ME, US, THEY, IT etc. Thoughts and emptiness are not two separate realms, it's the same thing. The UNIFIED MIND. 
-So you can never see "the real person" behind your projected thoughts?

-Are you sure?

-To separate “me-thougths” from “other-thoughts” are understandable BUT not true. We believe we have evidence that there is a border – that evidence has to do with CONTROL. What we can NOT control is “other” and what we falsely believe we CAN control is “me”. It's all about daring to see that we can NOT control anything. We are conditioned. Seeing that is freedom. And when we see that we are 100 % conditioned we don't have do change anything. Freedom lies in the seeing.

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