torsdag, november 27, 2008

There are NO OTHERS

Everything is always about ME... At first that sounds terribly narcissistic but it's not. The truth is that I can't relate to something that I can't think about. And when something or somebody has evoked thoughts in me all I can relate to are these thoughts. It's pretty simple. 

I don't know anything about any other worlds than MY OWN WORLD. And my own world consists of my thoughts about reality. That's all. 

People think that - treating others as you should treat yourself – is pretty good advice. Isn't that a Jesus quote? 
My understanding of this has changed dramatically. How you treat others is how you treat yourself. There are NO OTHERS. Others are nothing but projections of your MIND – the ONE MIND – the ONLY MIND.

These thoughts help me appreciate The Work by Byron Katie even more. For example. The stressful feeling of not being understood by others and therefore not appreciated. Is that true? Is it true that others should appreciate me?
What possible turnarounds are there?
I should appreciate myself!
Is that as true or truer?
Thank you!

There is another turnaround as well. What could it be?
I should not appreciate myself!
Because when I don't appreciate myself that's reality. And arguing with reality is always stressful.
It's about loving what is – even if it means NOT appreciating myself

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