söndag, november 30, 2008

Whats wrong with the three faces of God (reality) ??

Ken Wilbers concept of the three faces of God struck a chord deep inside me when I first heard it. What I have been doing here on the blog the last couple of weeks is to inquire into the reality of the first face of God = I AM ... everything ... AND ... nothing ... emptiness dancing ... as everything. 
Most of “Satsang-spirituality” - like Advaita and Zen, is concerned with the only the first face of God – The I – The I AM. It's beautiful and absolutely true. To apply this realization in daily life is very liberating. I great intimacy is experienced and fear dissolves. BUT there is a BUT ....
.... What about all the religious people who worship God in some shape or form? What about the eastern Yogic path of Bhakti that is all about worship? Deeply religious, loving and honest people all over the world sing out loud that God is everything. God is seen in every grain of sand. I am sure these people don't say that they see themselves in everything. They see God in everything.

I can see how both the first and the second face of God is true. What about the third face of God. I think that's where the atheists reside. It is everything. IT meaning science, materialism, atoms and molecules and cells and electromagnetism and Eco-systems etc. Very beautiful. Materialism can be sacred. Materialists can become overwhelmed by awe. 

What do these three different faces of God have in common?
I think it's the dissolving of the sense me. Subject and object disappears. Everything becomes ONE. I am everything is not dualistic. There is no room for a subject. It's about transcending subject and object. The same thing with the second face of God – if God is everything there is no room for the subject. And without subject there can be no object.
In the third face of God everything becomes objects. It's similar to the second face but there is an important difference. In the second face of God, worship or bhakti, you, the subject, dissolves by loving the object. You merge with the object. But in materialism, I like to call it sacred materialism, the subject is not dissolved by love but by the bright light of wisdom – insight – clarity. 

Does it then matter which face of God you focus on? Isn't the only important thing here to transcend dualism? 
I would say that in todays world it is important. Not to choose one face of God but to embrace all three faces. I can see how I for the last six months have been focusing on the first face of God. I can see now how that made me unable to communicate with religious people who follows the path of "the second face of God". 

Is that a problem? Well, that depends. When I am fully immersed into “first face – spirituality” it can seem like it's not a problem. Why would I wish to communicate with religious people when they are all me? ..... and right here ... in this question lies the first answer. If they are all me, how can I NOT see it as important to communicate with them? 
In the same question lies the second answer, the deeper answer. This whole conceptual dance is nothing but emptiness dancing as THE ONE MIND. The three faces of God are all THE ONE MIND. No separation anywhere. 

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