torsdag, november 20, 2008

To fight for what is right!

It's out of question that fighting against what we consider wrong and evil actually works. In Oprahs interview with Byron Katie this issue comes up. Katies answer is simple and straightforward. Yes, fighting evil works but it's SLOW. Just because something works, it doesn't mean that it's the only way. Byron Katie thinks that the awakened mind will conquer evil much FASTER. Maybe conquer is the wrong word. Maybe “evil” is a concept that an awakened mind can't really relate to. Anyhow, I think it's time to try something else than war. After thousands and thousands of years of wars between good and evil – the balance between good and evil is untouched. Evil takes on new forms all the time, as do the good. What was good a hundred years ago is today evil. Todays good will become tomorrow evil... if not ... humanity will transcend good and evil ... which I think is an unavoidable step.
What will the world look like after good and evil have been transcended? I guess it will look the same as it does to the awakened mind – PERFECT – in every single moment.... perfection .... beauty ..... and an ocean of gratitude to dive into.

What appears as evil to the awakened mind? 
Nothing. I would like to express it the way Byron Katie does. There is heaven and there is hell. Hell is when we believe our thoughts. Heaven comes with the questioning of our thoughts. That's the last story. And we don't have to get rid of that story in order to be free. Is that true? Let's do the work on this one. (not a strict version, but an inquiry inspired by The Work)

-In order to wake up, we have to get rid of all stories
-Is that true?
-Have you gotten rid of all stories?
-I think so
-Yes or no? Be honest! If you lie to me you lie to yourself!
-And how does it feel to know that you have to get rid of every single story in order to wake up?
-I doubt that I will ever make it!
-How does that feel? Where in your body do you feel that thought?
-It feels heavy, like something heavy is put on my chest. Makes it hard to breath properly. Makes me want to give up and forget about the whole search for freedom. But then I realize that there is no going back, I am stuck in some kind of limbo. I can't see the world as real any longer, and there is no way I will ever manage to do that again. But at the same time I am not free. I am stuck between two dimensions of reality.
-Oh, what a fascinating story! Do you believe in that story?
-Who would you be without that story?
-The sentence – In order to wake up, I have to get rid of all stories. Turn that around
-You mean like - In order to wake up, I DO NOT have to get rid of all stories.
-Could that be as true or truer?
-No ... or wait a minute, that will of course depend on what stories I keep.
-What if it is a story about a mind that is at peace? An integrated mind where good and evil are seen as two sides of the same coin. A mind without fear?
-Yes, that would be great! I recall that Jed McKenna calls that state “Human Adulthood”. And he points out that it's not the same as enlightenment.
-Well, Jed might have a point there. Then the difference between “human adulthood” and enlightenment is minute. There would be nothing but one single story between human adulthood and enlightenment One single story. Do you know what story I mean?
-Believing my thoughts are hell and heaven comes with questioning my thoughts.
-Very good. Who would you be WITH that story?
-If you are free – does it really matter what label Jed McKenna puts on your freedom?

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  1. Why is it out of question that fighting against what we consider wrong and evil actually works?

  2. Thinking is an obstacle for intelligence.
    Katie is right. And it's exactly what Tolle says, remember his "mantra" from Power Of Now, "Watching The Thinker"!

    To fight for what's right is of course a thought, good-and-evil is fractions within the ego resisting each other and there's no end of it. The only way (or at least the fastest)to fight it is to be the space for all of it. Which is turning the other cheek...

  3. Anton!
    Good question ... well, there are lots of evidence. Martin Luther King was the example brought up by Oprah. He did fight ... in his way. He did not see the situation for black americans as PERFECT. And what could Byron Katie answer? That it didn't work? America has today it's first black president.
    But you have a point there Anton. Can we be absolutely sure about why things change? Can we ever see the whole picture? Why do we insist on knowing the endless amount of possible perspectives needed to answer the question WHY?

  4. Perra!
    I know that Tolle says it all.... and Jesus Christ ... turn the other cheek ... of course. I just got a new understanding of the meaning of turning the other cheek. The reason an enlightened being turns the other cheek is that she does't see the enemy as an enemy ... and that is not a metaphore. She is unable to percieve something as an enemy. Without a stressful story nobody can be an enemy. Wow! Thank you Perra!

  5. Evidence? To our limited perceptions it may often seem that fighting works (what does that even mean?), simply because we expect it to. But maybe there is no real reason for change. Maybe change just takes place when there is room for change. Can we be the space for the change? Or do we still find ourselves busy fighting for our believes?

  6. Anton's question is interesting.
    OF COURSE we should fight against evil! It's a holy truth!

    This idea is what makes Jesus so utterly hard to grasp, when it comes to "turn the other cheek".
    But fighting against evil is always continued conflict and it's never going to end!
    The ego is all about conflict!
    It has nothing even to do with what's actually right, only an ego must be right.

    You can never defeat the ego by fighting against it. On the contrary, you'll feed it!

    Jesus is not meek. He's very very tough.

    All this glorified "Fighting for the Good" is just another ego illusion.

  7. Anton!
    "can we be the space for change?" - Beautiful!!

    I agree ... wish I could argue with you ... it's more fun! ... but I am sorry ... I totally agree with everything you wrote:-)