torsdag, november 06, 2008

Why change the colours in the rainbow?

A common judgement that often comes up as something to do "The Work" upon is - they (the other people that I judge) should act from a higher stage of development, they should be more caring, more understanding, more compassionate. The Work always questions these beliefs. The Work asks what Reality looks like. It's about loving what is right now.

Another perpective on this is the following - according to integral theory there are different stages of development of consciousness that every individual has to go through. Its like a spectrum of consciousness, a rainbow if you will, and saying that people should be att a "higher" stage is like saying that the colour red (the lowest frequency) in the rainbow should disappear and move to a highest frequency (violet).... that kind of takes the beauty away from the rainbow. Imagine a rainbow that is all violet....

This view helps me to love all different people at all different levels of development. Together, all these levels make up a beautiful rainbow of consciousness. We can actually love every colour, and every level of development.

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