tisdag, november 04, 2008

"The Work" works ....

Not believing my thoughts. What a blessing! That's Nirvana.

For whom?

For me.

But you are a thought and you cannot experience Nirvana. If “you” experience Nirvana you do believe in the me-thought. And the me-thought is the worst of all thoughts. It's the root of all evil, of all separation and all suffering.

Is it true? Is it really true that I have to get rid of the me-thought? Who would I be if I don't believe that I must stop believing in the me-thought?

... free ...

Do I even have to stop believing in loving thoughts - thoughts that comes from a still, open and embracing heart.

Is it true that I must stop believing in loving thoughts? – or what Katie would call peaceful thoughts. Is it really true?

Who would I be if I didn't believe that thought?

... free ...

Since I started this blog I have believed in thousands of thoughts! There hasn't been much freedom here.

I did "The Work" today. On some private issues. And it works. The Work works. .... Almost immediately there were peace, stillness and clarity.

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