måndag, december 01, 2008

The Work "in stereo"

It was amazing – I was listening to a Satsang with Adyashanti (Insanity & Reality – free to download from Adyashanti.org) and it struck me how it was like listening to Byron Katie – so similar but not quite – it was like hearing the truth in stereo. It all came down to the simple truth of not arguing  with reality. When you argue with reality you suffer, when you stop arguing with reality you wake up. Period. Really nothing more to add. That's the whole teaching. 

Adya said that reality is like gravity. If we argue with gravity and say that gravity should let us fly, gravity should not pull us down, we are diagnosed as mentally ill. If really, truly believe that gravity should not do it's job, if we believe the voice in our head telling us that gravity should not pull me down – THEN WE HAVE A PROBLEM .... a .... huge .... fucking .... enormous.... problem.
Waking up is to see that the rest of the world are just like gravity. Everything, not just gravity, does it's job and if we start to argue with that we suffer. 

The small difference between Adya and Katie is that Katie let's us believe in thoughts that or not stressful. She thinks that we will wake up anyway but Adya don't. He tells us not to believe in any single thought. 

He gave an example – it's intricate business – and Adya is very good at finding all the small but dangerous traps. If we, let's say, feel that we have to get a job in order to support our family, we really believe the thought that we have to, and then ask – Is that true?
What would the answer be? Who would we be without that thought? Free of course. We would see that it's not true that we have to get a job. If we do the work á la Byron Katie we would come to the conclusion that the thought – I do NOT have to get a job – is as true or truer. We would be asked to find at least five reasons why we don't have to get a job. (yes, it does sound a little bit crazy but this is the kind of conclusion that we often come to when doing the work) Obviously there is a trap here. It's considered very spiritual to trust the Universe, to say that, well, being responsible is just a thought, and I know that the Universe is going to take care of everything. It's called trusting the Universe and surrendering to the workings of the Universe. This new thought can be very attractive to certain kind of people - I do NOT have to get a job, in fact, I do not have to do anything at all. I can just sit here and everything is going to take care of it self. 

What has happened here? We have come to believe in a new thought that is NOT stressful. It's very peaceful actually. And Byron Katie tells us that we don't have to question thoughts that are not stressful. Or so I have interpreted her. I could have been missing something. 
Adya tells us to question even this thought. - I do NOT have to get a job. Is that true?
Of course not. Who would I be without that thought? I would probably be a much more responsible guy. Maybe I would get the energy required to leave the couch and get myself a descent job. 

This is a little modification of The Work but I think it's really important. This is why it's good to hear something in stereo. Actually having a slightly different angle on the issue. 
So I still believe in the Work as a brilliant method but I think we have to go further and question even some beliefs that are peaceful. Not only the stressful ones.

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